Gold Mug & Dishes Handbuilding Workshop- 2000czk


Let it shine with Gold!

-Beginner to intermediate 

-Special real Gold details

-Intensive 4h of handbuilding

– max 8 participants

– Terra members 20% discount

 *Note on gold:

Technique 1: “Gold digital transfer” can be applied by students. Students will be given a 5cm/5cm square of real Gold paper which can be cut into many different shapes and designs.

Technique 2: “Gold luster” used in the ceramic world is a highly toxic material before the ceramic firing that makes it food safe. For that reason students cannot use gold luster themselves but will be able to choose two areas of their work which will be painted later on by their teacher using special safety equipment. 

Sunday 9 – 1 pm: Students will learn how to handbuilt a mug and 2 small dishes and decorate them with graphic patterns.

Glazing session : Pieces will be glazed with a transparent layer by your teacher. They will go through 3 firings at high temperatures including a special gold firing.


2000 czk per person. The price includes everything from tutoring, materials, 3 firings, transparent glaze and real Gold details hand painted by the teacher.


This is a beginner to intermediate course. We tailor the workshops according to your level. 

Anyone wanting to discover the magic of ceramics and make something beautifully organic (or perfect) and gold shiny is very welcome :p


Students will be able to take home with them their finished pieces after the 3 ceramic  firings. (a special third gold firing for this particular workshop is needed)

Your pieces will be fired within the next two weeks following the glazing as your teacher will need to hand paint and re-fire your pieces one more time :)


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Marie at

Be quick limited number of places!