6-week course // 6750czk

This course is aimed at anyone wanting to discover the potters' wheel and grow confidence with the basic shapes and the essentials of wheel metodology.


A well-rounded wheel course

- Beginners' course ( for ADVANCED )

- 6 weeks

- 3h intensive weekly

- Use of studio tools and clay

- Studio glazes and firings

– Semi private group w/ 5 students max




Terra Ceramics Prague

Belgicka 27, Prague 2

// Courtyard // ringbell "Terra Ceramics Prague"


6x Tuesdays / Wednesdays (depending on the courses) 6-9pm // 3h 


The philosophy behind this course is to develop students’ skills and confidence in the relaxed and warm atmosphere of our beautiful Prague studio.

During the course students will be able to continue develop their style and personality through simple projects including technical aspects such as footrings, bat throwing and connections. 


Week 1: 
1. Throwing a mug & a bowl / Focus on cylindrical shapes & introduction to openings
Week 2: 
1. Throwing a high footring / Focus on trimming techniques
2. Decoration of pieces / Focus on decorative techniques, handles, carvings and finishings
Week 3: 
1. Throwing of a plate / Focus on bat throwing 
2. Introduction to industrial processes / Focus on slipcasting techniques using molds to create pieces
3. Exploring wheel / Handbuilding mixed techniques
Week 4: 
1.  Throwing of a bottle w/ mix of handbuilding / Focus on attachments & mix techniques
2.  Throwing of a vase / Focus on closure & necks
3. Practice wheel throwing repetition with stencils
Week 5: 
1. Finishing all the current projects
1. Personal project or Introduction to handbuilding 
Week 6: Glazing marathon

Glazing session : Glazing is included in the course and will take place on the last session where you will be able to color and decorate all your pieces. 

If you cannot finish your glazing on your last class you will be able to come back on a Saturday between 4-8pm. Price: 250czk/h


The price includes everything from tutoring, materials, firings and the glazing session.


We highly recommend students to take a 6-week course beginner at Terra before taking the Advanced #1 course


Marie Poirot /


Students will be able to take their finished pieces home up to two weeks after the end of the course.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact Marie at p.marielaure@hotmail.fr

Be quick limited number of places!


Terra is a small local business that depends entirely on its classes and courses. If you decide to commit to a class please do make sure that you can attend. 

Cancellation is possible no later than one month before the event with a handling fee of 20%. After that retractation period full or partial refunds are not possible. 


In case of absences all 6-week course students are allowed one catch up only. Other absences will be lost. 

The catch up will take place within the course dates on a Friday evening between 6-8pm according to availability. This class will be an independent practice class. 


Make sure that you can attend your booked course as we will only be able to ensure a refund if we can find a replacement for your space. 
Please remember that during the course students will be offered only one catch up class in case of absences. Other absences will be lost. 
In case of a catch up, your class will be planned with your teacher within the course dates on a Friday evening between 6-8pm. 
This class will be an independent practice class.