Visiting Prague? // 2500czk

Create your very own handmade and unique pieces to bring home!

All travelers coming to Prague are very welcome to participate in our Sunday morning wheel workshop and learn to make their very own ceramics to bring home as a unique memory.

We happily welcome beginners and we tailor every workshop to your level. 

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2500czk/person including 4h of wheel workshop in a semi private group, glazing of your 2 final pieces by your teacher in shiny white glaze and postage to your home address abroad. 

Postage & Delivery

Terra will send your 2 pieces over to your home address after the two ceramic firings. You can expect your one of a kind ceramics up to one month after their making. 


Your teacher will be responsible for the glazing of your 2 pieces. Your pieces will be glazed with a white shiny finish.


If you are interested in one of our upcoming Sunday morning wheel workshop don't hesitate to get in touch by sending an email at

We look forward to welcoming you soon!