Made for you with Love

"Terra Ceramics is the result of my long-lasting passion for ceramics. I love simplicity and it inspires me everyday to create objects that are both functional and unique.

I still remember vividly spending whole summer days covered in mud and playing kitchen at the bottom of a tree my mother had just watered . My relationship with nature has played a great role and I knew early on that I wanted to live a life in the modern world that would be connected to the earth and respectful towards it.

I grew up in suburbian Paris and as an only child I have always been quite solitary.  When i discovered the wheel more than 10 years ago I immediately fell in love. It was the perfect friend for me. Finding the perfect shape and the perfect imperfections has been a long journey that i can see myself pursuing until my old age. When the kiln opens there is always a lesson to be learned and the next piece brings me a little closer to the natural perfection I am looking for." 


In her Prague studio, Marie Poirot likes to explore the endless possibilities of the clay and in her pieces you will always find an organic touch.

You can find Marie's pieces in re-known restaurants including the Hilton Hotel, Levitate Restaurant or Casa de Carli in Prague as well as many homes all around the world. 

Levitate Restaurant 2019

 "Allowing space for accidents is the hardest thing to learn as it requires to let go of the rules. This quest characterizes my great love and respect for nature and the beauty of organic shapes."

Levitate Restaurant 2019

About the Atelier

At Terra we produce one of a kind handmade & handthrown ceramic pieces sold to local restaurants & cafés as well as all over the world to individuals. We are a very small studio focused on small orders and limited editions.

Terra Ceramics is a pottery workshop filled with a positive and warm atmosphere and aimed at all the people out there who would like to unleash their inner self for a few hours away from daily life and routine. 

We offer short 6-week beginner wheel courses as well as one- off discovery masterclasses on the wheel for those who would like to learn hands on in our Terra studio and get inspired by our style and approach.

The studio is equipped with a large selection of glazes, clays, decorative materials and tools. Our teaching approach combining technique and freedom help students achieve things they never thought possible.  

Now is your turn.