Set of 4 Snack dishes //
Set of 4 Snack dishes //
Set of 4 Snack dishes //
Set of 4 Snack dishes //
Set of 4 Snack dishes //
Set of 4 Snack dishes //
Set of 4 Snack dishes //
Set of 4 Snack dishes //
Set of 4 Snack dishes //
Set of 4 Snack dishes //

Set of 4 Snack dishes //

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Limited edition / This listing is for the FOUR items illustrated above.

These 4 handmade bowls will be perfect for so many occasions. Use them as snack dish for Summer aperitives with peanuts, olives, veggie sticks or for sauces on a spicy night diner. They can also serve beautifully as dessert bowls for ice cream or elegant cups of tea of Japanese inspiration.
You can complete your tableware collection with an other matching item from the shop such as an elegant teapot.

Each bowl has been thrown on the potters' wheel and then decorated individually with unique designs including the pearls' design or dotty & line textures. Some bowls are left perfectly symmetrical and some have been slightly deformed with control to give them an organic twist.

Made by hand from white speckled stoneware clay & kiln fired three times at extremely high temperatures for durability. Mix and match with other styles from the shop to create your unique collection.

Made with stoneware white clay. Glazed with a matte speckled green, dark grey charcoal & dark temmoku japanese brown glaze all over. Hand-painted with REAL gold.

> 3 firings between 900°c - 1220°c each lasting 2 days
> approx 10cm x 5cm // 4in x 2in
> Food safe
> hand washing is always preferred for any handmade clay piece
> World wide shipping available

Handmade with love in Prague.
You will find in all my pieces an organic twist. I like to allow my fingers mistakes in the finishing processes giving pieces uneven edges and natural looks.
Making ceramics is a long, slow and fastidious process made of many trial and error and where patience is an ultimate key. Thank you for choosing my pieces and your appreciation of my work. It means the world to me. ⭐

SHIPPING: The postage is included.
This item is already made and will be lovingly wrapped for you within the 5 working days following your order.

If the price seems high to you, please do remember that this is not the price I will receive net from the piece.
Along with work and time, many expensive processes & costs are involved.
The little +, each piece is completely unique and a one of a kind 💎

Thank you for your love & support,

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