Rules for Terra Full-access Members


Terra full-access members will get: 
  • Full-time access from 7am - 10pm 7days a week outside classes hours (exeption may apply: 1 member allowed for "table work only" at those times. Class hours: Mondays/ Tuesdays 6-9pm + Fridays 6-8pm + Saturdays 10-2pm)
  • a shelf for your own clay & tools (approx L 35cm) 
  • a shelf for your pieces (approx L75cm)
  • use of the studio glazes, tools and equipment
  • One half shelf of kiln space weekly (half shelf = L 30cm/ W 17cm / H 12cm) anything bigger or higher may be charged or have to wait longer.  
  • Use of the recycled clay from Terra (extra clay (or tools) can be bought through the studio. The studio will allow you to buy Witgert 11 white / Witgert Salt & Pepper grey / Witgert Extra Black & Porcelain) (230czk/10kg, prices for Porcelain may vary)
PRICE: 4500czk/ monthly 
Manners & Respect

Members can come practice independently and together built a small community based on mutual respect and love for pottery. 

Members are expected to act politely and kindly to each other. Any disagreement can be discussed and solved between parties or with the studio manager. 

Members are required to leave the table, the wheels and the sink "spotless " meaning clean & empty.


Members are required to respect the studio tools & equipments like their own. 

Members are required to leave common areas including the mainroom, hall and bathroom tidy. 

Members are not to extend outside their space allowance. 

Members must ensure that wheels, maindoor and windows are closed before leaving the premises. 

Members are not to use the studio for business nor give classes within the premises. 

Members' shelving allowance cannot be extended and members are responsible for their things and to ensure that their work and belongings do not overflow & are processed within a timely manner. 

Kiln's space allowance cannot be extended and special requests cannot be guaranteed. 

Members' monthly payments must be met by the 5th of every month. A month's notice is required to leave this rental agreement and the member's shelves will need to be emptied within that month.