The Team

// Klaudiya Mirzadzhanova

Passionate and fond of the most intricate details, Klaudiya is inspired by nature and her country of adoption Italy. 

You can find in her work delicate arabesques, ornamental designs and intertwined flowing lines coming straight from another time where the greatest fantasies are possible. Klaudia has just moved to Netherlands where she continues to do her beloved passion.

// Patricia Abel


Patty's work is delicate and as light as a feather. This signature shows a great proficiency and mastery of her craft. Patty is a sun in the studio and you can find her smile in her work through bright subtle colors with hues of blues and greens for the most part. Patty is now back to California where she is opening her own studio with associate potters passionate like her. 

// Ekaterina Matveeva


Katya is the multi-creative entity of the studio. One world is not enough for this endless explorer. She finds her inspiration in nature (see the link between everyone here?),with subtle, pastel and soft finishes but also in reading, llustration, knitting, sewing, drawing and more. Her ceramic signature is characterized by her love for research and diversity. 

Katya currently works at Terra where she teaches professional pottery private masterclasses and workshops as well as working on commissions and her own work.